How To Get Your Birth Certificate

  1. If you are using a Desktop computer (which will make this much easier), you will most likely want to download Acrobat Reader to open the form file in the next step. It can be downloaded at this link: See instructions in the picture below.
Acrobat Reader Download Instructions

2. Click this link to download the SCS Birth Certificate & ID Request Form: (We recommend using Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers to do this). You will need to save the form to be completed. See instructions on how to save in the pictures below.

Chrome Download Instructions
Edge Download Instructions
  1. Complete SCS Birth Certificate & ID Request Form with Case manager
    1. Please use Treatment center info for Referring Agency Name/Address
  2. Under Birth Certificate Information:
    1. Check Yes by Birth Cert. Needed
    2. Fill out the city and state of Birth
    3. For Make Check Payable to– you will need to go on the vital statistics page on the state you were born in

                                                               i.      For Ex. If you were born In Maryland- go to Maryland Vital statistics > search for obtaining new record of birth > Click on Fees (tax/processing fees included)

    1. Write amount under Exact Amount of Check
  1. Under Florida ID Needed:
    1. Check Yes if you need an updated FL ID
    2. Under Is client Homeless? Check Yes
  2. Reason for ID? Employment
  3. Email Form to