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Our Mission

Our mission at Pathways2Work is to provide those with challenges the tools and skills they need to be gainfully employed.  We provide valuable resources and instruction on job readiness skills, habits of wellness, and short and long term success planning. We provide you with the training and support you need to succeed.

Pathways2work Values

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Learn how you can get involved. We have opportunities for employers, those seeking employment, as well as volunteering activities.

About Pathways2work

 Learn more about how our Employment Readiness programs help give those with challenges the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.

Employment Services

At Pathways2work, we provide all the necessary job readiness skills that those with challenges need in order to become successfully employed.

  • Xhuliano W.

    Pathways 2 Work helped me develop an awesome resume that helped me nail the job and also helped me with my confidence and interview skills

  • Peter F.

    Thanks to Pathways I've been employed for the last 6 months, consistently showing up to work and using the skills you guys have taught me. I continue to work and follow my dreams and it's all thanks to Pathways.

  • Marcus B.

    In my life I went down a lot of wrongs paths, until I found Pathways 2 Work. They helped me find the right job for me and even got me back in school to further my education, and I’m working on my bachelor's degree. Thank you Pathways 2 Work!

  • Mike S.

    Pathways has helped me so much getting my life together

  • Tonio S.

    The best help I've had since I moved to Florida they changed my life and helped me start the journey on my new career

  • Kirill M.

    Pathways is an extremely wonderful resource. They never give up on you.

  • Melli S.

    Pathways 2 work thank you so much for keeping in touch and my resume on hold couldn't have done it with out you!!!!!

  • Chris W.

    Pathways2work helped me get on my feet and they made me feel so supported.

  • Nikki C.

    Mindy and her team has helped me so much id highly recommend

  • Sean G.

    Helped me get a job and I started less than a week later!

  • Henny B.

    Pathways 2 work gave me multiple sources to find a job. I was equipped with a professional ressume that gave me job security. I found a job immediately through pathways 2 work. THANK YOU PATHWAYS!

  • Jake H.

    Pathways 2 Work is an amazing gift to people in need of help finding a job and has helped me a lot in finding employment and the tools that go along with applying for job. Thanks a million!

  • David S.

    Dwight and Tommy did so much for me and i am forever grateful

  • Janet M.

    Pathways has helped me greatly, I’m truly grateful to be where I am today