At Pathways2Work, our mission is to bridge the gap between those with disabilities and the jobs available to them. We are committed to helping everyone acquire the skills they need to succeed and then matching them with the right job. We believe in people and in the idea that there is a job for every person. Our goal is to make the perfect match between the candidate and the job, thus helping employers and employees to reach their highest potential. Whether starting a new career field or looking to advance in your current one, we will find a way to help make it happen!

Meet Our Team


Mindy Sherman

Business development

Bobby Sherman

Vocational evaluator

Dr. Kelly Sakala


Dr. Hamlet Hassan

psychologist - vocational evaluatior assistant

Dr. Heather Kuhl

case manager

Thomas Asbury

employment specialist

Roxanne Isaacs

employment specialist

Linda Diamond

employment specialist

Dwight Henry

Employment specialist

John Reeck

case manager

Dustin McChesney

case manager

Jared Donato


Pat Asbury

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