About Us

With over 20 years of experience, we have created a system that leads to proven results. We are experts in the field of matching people with the right job. Our services are intensive and thorough, and lead to long-term success for both the employer and employee. 

Our team of experts works carefully with each applicant to assess their career goals, current skill level, and to create a program that will help them achieve employment success. Our high-quality and targeted training program starts with assessment, continues through goal planning, and leads to the candidate acquiring all the necessary resources for successful employment.

Mindy Sherman

President / Founder

Bobby Sherman

Business Development

Dr. Kelly Sakala

Vocational Evaluator

Dr. Hamlet Hassan


Dr. Heather Kuhl

Pyschologist - Vocational Evaluator Assistant

Assan Rose

Employment Specialist

Farah Hogarth

Employment Specialist

Nathan Flynn

Employment Specialist

Linda Diamond

Employment Specialist

Jeredith Thomas

Employment Specialist

Khaleel Sutherland

Employment Specialist

Dwight Henry

Employment Specialist

Celine Badal

Employment Specialist / Case Manager

Thomas Asbury

Case Manager / Logistics

Dustin McChesney

Case Manager / Logistics

Pat Asbury