How To Get SNAP Benefits

  1. Go to (This will open a new tab)
  1. Click on Apply for Benefits
  1. Under Get Started Now
    1. Apply for Benefits
  1. Click on Start a New Application for Food Assistance (SNAP)
  1. Create an Account
  1. Enter Demographic Information
    1. For Address, enter treatment center address
    2. If you do not have a phone number, please use Case Manager’s
    3. Create User ID and Password( keep for your records)
  1. Login Using Log in and password credentials
  1. Please read Important Information when Applying and click Next
  1. Under Who you are Applying for > Click Myself
  1. Under Choose The Programs for Which You Would Like to Apply > Food Assistance ( SNAP
  1. Complete About You Information and Click Next
  1. Complete People in Your Home Information
    1. Under Living Arrangement > Select Drug/Alcohol Treatment Center
  1. Discounted Phone Service > Please select Yes if you would like assistance in obtaining a cell phone (Lifeline Assistance)
  1. Please fill out Information under Liquid Assets (Financial Questions)
    1. This section asks if you have cash in the bank, either checking or savings account > Select No one if none of this applies to you
  1. Under Employment Information
    1. Check Box if you are currently employed or plan to start a new job
    2. Fill out Additional Information regarding Employment and click Next
    3. Complete Other Income Section
  1. Please complete Housing Expenses
    1. If you are associated with a treatment facility and live in their complex, you do not have to fill out room and board information
    2. Complete Other Expense Information
  1. Review Final Summary and Submit