What We Do

At Pathways2work, our mission is to bridge the gap between those with challenges and the jobs available to them. We are committed to helping everyone develop the job readiness skills they need to succeed and then matching them with the right job. We believe in people and in the idea that there is a job for every person. Whether starting a new career field or looking to advance in your current one, we will find a way to help make it happen!

Our goal is to make the perfect match between the candidate and the job, thus helping employers and employees to reach their highest potential.

With over 20 years of experience, we have created a system that leads to proven results. We are experts in the field of matching people with the right job. Our services are intensive and thorough, and lead to long-term success for both the employer and employee. 

Our team of experts works carefully with each applicant to assess their career goals, current skill level, and to create a program that will help them achieve employment success. Our high-quality and targeted training program starts with assessment, continues through goal planning, and leads to the candidate acquiring all the necessary resources for successful employment.

Through our Employment Readiness program, we are able to offer job preparation training to those in need. We don’t see the challenges that our candidates have as being a barrier to successful employment. Rather, we focus on providing them with the skills they need to succeed, contribute, and be proud of what they have to offer!



Helped me get a job and I started less than a week later!

Sean G.

In my life I went down a lot of wrongs paths, until I found Pathways 2 Work. They helped me find the right job for me and even got me back in school to further my education, and I’m working on my bachelor's degree. Thank you Pathways 2 Work!

Marcus B.

Pathways 2 Work is an amazing gift to people in need of help finding a job and has helped me a lot in finding employment and the tools that go along with applying for job. Thanks a million!

Jake H.

The best help I've had since I moved to Florida they changed my life and helped me start the journey on my new career

Tonio S.

Mindy and her team has helped me so much id highly recommend

Nikki C.

Pathways 2 Work helped me develop an awesome resume that helped me nail the job and also helped me with my confidence and interview skills

Xhuliano W.

Pathways 2 work gave me multiple sources to find a job. I was equipped with a professional ressume that gave me job security. I found a job immediately through pathways 2 work. THANK YOU PATHWAYS!

Henny B.

Pathways 2 work thank you so much for keeping in touch and my resume on hold couldn't have done it with out you!!!!!

Melli S.